Psychic Development Circlet: 6 sessions

October 5, 2017 @ 7:00 pm
The Aerie
14 Granite St
Peterborough, NH 03458
Martha Dawson

Open up to your Soul senses and see the world and yourself in a new way!

Semi-private instruction/maximum 4 people
6 sessions twice a month for 3 months
Thursdays 7 pm – 9 pm
October 5th & 19th
November 2nd & 16th
December 7th & 21st

Honing our psychic senses gives us the ability to be more aligned with our Soul’s intentions and desires and opens the door to understanding the nature of universal reality. First and foremost, our psychic abilities are tools for our personal spiritual growth. Some people will also feel the call to use them in the service of assisting and empowering others.

The circlet is an experiential process. We will be practicing our skills in group and building a soulful practice at home.

The sessions will include:
Introduction to the Soul’s senses and how they work (The Clairs)
Discovering and recognizing our personal psychic style
Learning how to open the channel
Introduction to and the practice of psychic skills, such as intuitive reading, oracle cards, mediumship, channeling, automatic writing, accessing parallel lives, psychometry. energy reading, soul to soul communication, etc. (The selection of skills will be determined by the make-up of the participants’ innate psychic preferences.)
Ethics and healthy boundaries
Basic psychic hygiene
Designing a personal daily practice to support and strengthen the integration of our Souls with our physical, emotional, and mental aspects
Resources to further your studies

“Martha’s Psychic Development Circlet was one of the most intense, illuminating and awesome experiences of my life! Over the course of six weeks, I noticed an increase in confidence, inner peace, control over my thoughts, emotions and reactions, and trust in myself. Thanks to the structure provided by this series, I went from having surprise encounters with Spirit during dreams and sporadic meditation, to developing a personalized daily practice that draws from the many skills, tools and resources that Martha provided. I think anyone who has started even a little bit down a path of self-discovery would find their exploration greatly enriched by the focused and intentional environment that this workshop provides.” – Cass P.